Our Lady of the Apocalypse

a sanctuary in the unraveling of the anthropocene

ritual space for climate grief

rewilding refuge

a tear in the fabric of capital.

A 19th century gothic church re‑consecrated as a relational and devotional space for re‑enchantment, grief, learning, unlearning, mutual aid, and composting the trauma of our age.

A fiercely protected space for art, altars, ritual, music, lectures, workshops, skill sharing, rites of passage, cross-pollination, mycelial networking, and compassion as we feel our way forward into the darkness.

A shrine to despair, cooperation, rage, beauty, rest, and maybe something like grace in the face of the world-devouring machine.

Offered in service, not to any ideology, not to any particular religious or "spiritual" lineage, not to any specific vision of the future, but to simply being together in the spirit of care, awake in the burning forest of the world.

Nights of Grief & Mystery

October 7, 2022

Nights of Grief & Mystery

Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins

An evening of mongrel sorrow, dappled by magic and wonder, fringed with regard for the gift of the tongue, harkening and hortatory and bardic and greying, steeped in mortal mystery.

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